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All over the country, state and local governments are using traffic tickets to bring in extra revenue. Through the increased use of radar detection, intersection cameras, and police checkpoints, law enforcement officers are issuing traffic tickets to even the most careful drivers.

As the economic downturn continues to negatively impact cities and states, local governments are using traffic ticket fines to bridge the gap in their budgets. State and local governments are bringing in millions of dollars from traffic tickets, and continuing to increase fines and fees. For even the most careful drivers, a traffic ticket can be detrimental and can impact driving records, budgets, and cause excess stress.

Many of the traffic ticket issuing methods are quite invasive, and not based on circumstance. For instance, if you are trying to turn left in a heavy traffic intersection where people continue to go through even on the yellow, you could still get a ticket in the mail for seemingly taking a left on red.

When you receive your ticket in the mail for “running a red light,” you may begin to feel as though there is no hope for drivers with the increasing tickets and fines. However, there is something you can do to fight the traffic tickets and citations. You can contact an experienced traffic lawyer and discuss your options.

With the help of a traffic lawyer, you can often avoid increased points on your license, maximum fines, and license suspension. A competent traffic attorney can help you even if you think you do not have a case. Traffic lawyers know the system, and keep up with the ever changing rules and regulations of traffic law. They are your best resource when facing a traffic ticket.

If you find yourself facing a traffic ticket, the best thing you can do is contact a qualified traffic lawyer to understand your options. Here are the top reasons to contact a traffic attorney when you have been cited for a traffic violation:

  • When an experienced traffic attorney looks into the process and procedure used in the issuance of a ticket, they can often spot mistakes and errors made by the law enforcement official. A small error on the side of law enforcement, which you never would have known about, can be seen by a traffic attorney and save you money.
  • A prosecutor may not be as interested in your case if you have the help of a traffic attorney. An experienced traffic attorney can often bring forward a strong case, which can deter the prosecutor. The result can be a case dismissal or fines/penalties lowered.
  • A Pennsylvania traffic ticket lawyer can help you with your case, and often lower the negative impacts of the ticket. Speeding tickets can be lowered to non-moving violations, DUI charges can be dropped or lowered, and other infractions can be changed so that you will not lose your license, pay huge fines, or have your insurance drop you or raise rates. Pennsylvania traffic ticket lawyers know how the process works, and have worked on every ┬átype of traffic violation case. If you have a history of traffic violations, or have been hit with a large ticket, it is a very good idea to consult with a qualified traffic attorney.
  • Pennsylvania traffic ticket attorneys are familiar with traffic court, traffic court judges, and traffic court prosecutors. They can consult with the judges and prosecutors, often without you having to be present at court, and will save you time. They can break your charges up, and present them at separate times to a judge, which will often lessen DUI or speeding tickets. Traffic ticket lawyers will work to keep the repercussions of a traffic ticket to a minimum.
  • An experienced Pennsylvania traffic ticket lawyer is very knowledgeable about state and local roads and road conditions. They may know of certain intersections and areas where there is not a clear sign or signal, and can present these problems to the judge. A traffic attorney may be aware of law enforcement issuing speeding tickets in a school zone, only a few feet after the sign indicates a speed change. They will be able to discuss the problems with issuing speeding tickets only a few feet into a reduced speed area, and can often persuade the judge to reduce penalties. With knowledge of poor signage, and areas where police often ticket people, a traffic ticket attorney will have an understanding of the road conditions that you would never know about.
  • If you plead “not guilty” to a traffic violation you will have to go to court and try to understand the process. A competent traffic attorney will guide you through the process, and make sure you are given a fair trail.
  • Multiple offenders are especially advised to seek the assistance of a traffic attorney. A judge who sees multiple traffic violations on your record may be inclined to revoke your license, or hit you with huge fines. With the help of a Pennsylvania traffic ticket attorney, you can often have fines reduced, and loss of license prevented. You will save money, time, and reduce stress with the help of an experienced traffic ticket lawyer.

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