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Careless Driving

Careless Driving

Among the various traffic violations is careless driving, which is often confused for reckless driving. In the United States, careless driving is a legal term that is used to designate a particular type of moving traffic violation. Its penalty is often a fine and/or endorsement made on ones driver’s license.

Careless driving and reckless driving citations are similar in the sense that both motor vehicles are being operated by a thoughtless driver; however, reckless driving and careless driving are not considered the same in all areas in the United States and its potential penalties are very different Generally, careless driving is done intentionally lack to lack of attention given on the road, which can be a forerunner to reckless driving. As a traffic violation, careless driving is usually a lesser serious offence compared to reckless driving though considered more dangerous as using a mobile while driving.

Unsafe driving of a vehicle can result a conviction that is the basic similarity between careless and reckless driving, both dangerous in same degree, with potential power to change one’s life; however, these offenses differently treated by law.

Careless driving is described as failure of the motor vehicle driver to operate the vehicle in a careful and sensible manner; while in reckless driving is defined as the act of driving a motor vehicle in a willful or wanton manner that is disregarding the safety of other people and/or property. In issuing a reckless driving ticket, you have to see the intention of the driver.

Careless driving is penalized a stiff fine and added points on the license but it is not considered an unlawful infraction, whereas driving recklessly is an illegal transgression that carries an imprisonment plus fines and points.

Many careless driving violation includes the following: (1) tailgating a vehicle; (2) failing to yield properly to others ; (3) passing properly another vehicle; (4) improper changing of lane : (5) running a red light: (6) over-speeding: (7) failing to stop for an emergency vehicle; and (8) negotiating an improper turn.

An operator is driving carelessly when he/she is driving erratically disregarding the safety of fellow motorists. Research on studies made on aggressive driving in 2009 by AAA Traffic Safety Foundation showed that over 7.4% cases of deadly fatal car crashes were committed either by a careless or reckless driver.

In many cities, careless driving is considered as serious traffic violation that can cause a deduction of 4 points from your license. If the vehicle operated is a commercial vehicle, the number of points is six.

Changes giving the police powers to issue fixed penalty notices for careless or inconsiderate driving have come into effect today (16 August 2013).

As of the 16th of August 2013, careless drivers put other road users at risk by tailgating or poor lane discipline will be facing on-the-spot penalties. These changes empowered police wider flexibility in dealing with less careless driving offences that will liberate them from court processes that were intensive.

DOT stated that careless driving exposed innocent people’s lives at risk that is why these changes are easier for the police to handle problem drivers by immediately issuing a fixed penalty for low level offending rather than taking these offenders to court.

Depending upon its jurisdiction, careless driving laws vary. Fines range from a few hundred dollars to over a $1000 US Dollars. Potential consequence of careless driver is the possibility of increasing insurance premium. Insurance companies are regularly monitoring the driving record of the individual to determine their premiums. A driver who is careless could see their insurance raised up to 100%. In most cases, an insurance company may cancel a person’s policy.

An individual with a careless driving ticket is given a chance to fight the ticket in the legal manner. Step number one to fight a careless driving ticket is to appear in court. The driver has a right to hire a lawyer or other legal representation to help win the case. While in court, the arresting officer must be able to prove why the accused individual’s driving conduct was careless.

Here are five safe driving tips to reduce careless driving will minimize car and ultimately unnecessary deaths: (1) Be sure to navigate clear directions of your destination before you start your car; (2) Get organized by adjusting everything inside your vehicle; (3) Make plan ahead of what you need before you start out: (4) To do other activities like eating, drinking and using hands-free device, pull over and stop somewhere safe; and (5) Keep your hands off mobiles and no PDA inside a running vehicle.

Driving a vehicle is a complex; avoid careless driving by giving your full attention to the task.

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