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Red Light Tickets

Red Light Tickets

If you are facing a red light traffic ticket, your best resource is an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Whether you have been pulled over by a law enforcement official, or an intersection camera took your picture while the light was red, discussing your case with a traffic ticket lawyer can save you time and money.

As state and local governments scramble for more income, they increasingly turn to traffic ticket writing as a way to balance budgets. State and local government law enforcement officials are writing more red light tickets, and increasing fines. Even responsible drivers are feeling the effects of increased ticket writing.

In many areas, red light cameras have been installed in intersections. Red light cameras only take a picture; and without understanding the circumstance behind the image, law enforcement officials issue tickets based on these pictures. A careful driver, attempting to take a left turn in a busy intersection, may on camera seemingly “run a red light” if traffic prevents them from turning until the light is almost red.

Drivers issued tickets for red light violation by mail, must face the accusation and attempt to prove their case. With the help of a red light ticket lawyer, you have a chance of alleviating and even eliminating red light ticket charges.


In many instances, especially when a driver is issued a red light ticket via photographic evidence, law enforcement is in the wrong. The red light cameras are black and white, and do not take into consideration a driver that has stopped at the red light but is a bit too far into the intersection.

Consulting with a qualified red light ticket attorney will allow you to explore your options. With their help, you can potentially avoid large fines, points on your license, and license suspension. There are many ways a red light ticket lawyer can assist your case. Through careful examination, they may find fault with the charges against you:

These are just a few points a red light ticket lawyer can make for your case in traffic court. If you have been found guilty of running a red light, discuss your case with a red light ticket lawyer immediately.


While you may not think that receiving a red light ticket is a big deal, the reality is that even one ticket can be detrimental to your finances and driving record. By contesting the traffic violation charges, you have a chance at eliminating or reducing penalties.

A qualified red light ticket attorney has a detailed knowledge of the traffic courts, judges, and prosecutors. Fighting the ticket alone can be almost impossible and take a lot of time if you do not know the procedures of the traffic court. A red light ticket lawyer can save you time and fight for you.

Once you are issued a red light ticket, you must act quickly – if you don’t, you might forfeit your right to contest the ticket. While a red light ticket may not be as detrimental as a DUI charge, you still should explore your rights and options with a qualified red light ticket attorney. A red light ticket lawyer’s deep knowledge of the legal system, and law enforcement procedures, will give your case the help that only a legal professional can.

Even one red light ticket can negatively impact your driving record and license. Don’t risk your driving privileges on a a red light ticket; consult with a red light ticket attorney and avoid fines, increased car insurance rates, and license suspension.

Discussing your case with a lawyer specializing in traffic tickets is especially a good idea if you have been charged with traffic violations in the past. Car insurance companies will raise your rates to painful price ranges, and can even revoke coverage if you are deemed a “risky driver.” An experienced red light ticket lawyer can help you avoid charges, lower penalties, and save you time. If you are facing a red light ticket, contact a traffic ticket lawyer and discuss your options.

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